Funded Research

RFP 2012/13-1

Seven grants totaling $164,159 were awarded.

• Development of a Field Test Kit for the Presence of Round Gobies. $30,000
Jay Stauffer, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University Park

• Potential Impact of Climate Change on Bivalves in the Tidal Freshwater Region of the Delaware River. $29,272
Raymond Najar, Department of Meteorology, Penn State University Park

• Evaluating Coastal Wetland Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise in Pennsylvania. $15,587
Tracy Elsey-Quirk, Department of Wetland Ecology, Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

• Identification of Parasites and Bacteria and their Role in Infections and Mortality of Smallmouth Bass, Micropterus dolomieu in the Susquehanna River Basin and Neighboring Drainages. $26,000.
Geoffrey Smith, Division of Fisheries Management, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Coja Yamashita, Division of Fish Production Services, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission
Vicki Blazer, Leetown Science Center, West Virginia, US Geological Survey

• Nutrient Thresholds for Didymosphenia geminata Blooms and Stalk Formation in the Delaware River. $18,600
Erik Silldorff, Division of Modeling, Monitoring and Assessment, Delaware River Basin Commission

• How Temperature and Phosphorus Loading Influence E. coli Growth on Cladophora in Lake Erie Beach Waters of Presque Isle State Park. $21,200
Steven Mauro, Department of Biology, Mercyhurst University

• Surface and Subsurface Nutrient Transport in the Near-Stream Zone of an Agricultural Headwater Watershed in Central Pennsylvania. $23,500
Herschel Elliott, Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering, Penn State University Park
Anthony Buda, Agriculture Research Service, US Department of Agriculture, University Park, PA
Elizabeth Boyer, Department of Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University Park

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