Lake Erie Watershed Integrated Water Resources Management Plan

Elk Creek in the Pennsylvania Lake Erie Watershed

Pennsylvania Sea Grant is leading efforts to expand and adapt the geospatial-based model developed for the Presque Isle Bay Watershed Restoration, Protection, and Monitoring Plan to the Pennsylvania Lake Erie watershed.  The model uses natural resource-related geospatial data to identify specific monitoring, restoration, and protection actions.  A publicly available, GIS-based water resources tool is also being developed to allow users to layer information to make decisions regarding restoration and protection needs within the watershed.

Funding: Pennsylvania Coastal Resources Management Program and the USEPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.                                                                                                 Partners: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Erie County Conservation District, Crawford County Conservation District, Erie County Department of Health, Erie County Department of Planning, Fairview Township, Millcreek Township, City of Erie, Regional Science Consortium, HRG, Inc., HERO BX, S.O.N.S of Lake Erie, and U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Sean Rafferty
Matt Pluta