Double trouble – changing climate and invasive species

Climate change could drive spread of invasive species.

Individually, climate change and invasive species are two of the greatest threats that affect ecosystems and biodiversity. However, climate change could drive the spread of  invasive plant and animal species by expanding their range and distribution. This double blow is an enormous threat to forests, fisheries and crops, as well as to human health and livelihoods. Forecasting the effect on community and ecosystem structure and function is an important goal for scientists. Because such predictive management tools could offer resource managers proactive strategies for AIS management and prevention, PASG and Shippensburg University used downscaled climate projection models and climate-matching software to estimate Pennsylvania’s future climate, and its affect on the distribution  of new species.  This study found four high risk species that could establish and become invasive as temperatures warm over the next century. Contact Sara Grisé or download the thesis below for more information .

Partners: Shippensburg University

Thesis Evaluating the Risk of Non-Native Aquatic Species Range Expansions in a Changing Climate in Pennsylvania
Double Trouble -Climate change might hasten spread of invasive species

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