HABs Stakeholder Workshop 8/14/13

PART_1375972153064 HAB PIB 8 2013The timing of the workshop for health and environmental managers on harmful algal blooms, HABs, could not be more perfect as the discovery of harmful blue-green algae was recently confirmed in Presque Isle Bay. Over 60 participants from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and New York heard several experts provide information for identifying and responding to the growing worldwide problem, which has been especially problematic in the Western Basin of Lake Erie. Presenters included: Jeff Reutter, PhD., Director Ohio Sea Grant College Program, Justin Chaffin, PhD., Ohio State University, Linda Merchant-Masonbrink, Ohio EPA and Steve Mauro, PhD., Gannon University.

HABs can produce toxins that are harmful to humans or animals because they may affect the liver, nervous system and/or skin. Research shows that HABs thrive in calm, warm, nutrient rich water. Reducing phosphorus and nitrogen levels in the water appears to be the key to controlling the algae blooms. PA Sea Grant is working with local officials from the DEP, DCNR, and the Erie County Department of Health on strategies to provide the latest information available to local swimmers, boaters and anglers.

The workshop, which was held at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Erie, PA on August 14, was facilitated and funded by Pennsylvania Sea Grant and NY Sea Grant.

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Jeff Reutter presentation PA/NY Sea Grant HAB Workshop 8/14/2013
Justin Chaffin presentation PA/NY Sea Grant HAB Workshop 8/14/2013
Steve Mauro presentation PA/NY Sea Grant HAB Workshop 8/14/2013
Linda Merchant-Masonbrink, Ohio EPA - Toxin Talk
Linda Merchant-Masonbrink, HABs the Ohio Response 8/14/2013
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Marti Martz, Senior Coastal Outreach Specialist mam60@psu.edu