Smart Boating, Clean Waters

P1050689 boat wrap reducedPennsylvania Sea Grant and Pennsylvania’s Smart Boating, Clean Waters program encourages marina operators and recreational boaters to protect coastal ecosystems by engaging in environmentally sound practices. This program keeps boat shrink-wrap out of landfills through a voluntary, incentive-based program, promoted by NOAA and others.

Focus Area:      Healthy Coastal Ecosystems

Relevance: Pennsylvania is home to 1,100 marinas and 338,234 registered boats (2010). Prior to 2008, there were no organized shrink- wrap recycling programs.  Each spring it went into dumpsters and was hauled off to the landfill taking up precious space because it does not decompose.

Since 2008,  over 120,400 pounds of boat shrink-wrap has been collected.  Currently Engineered Plastics, Inc. recycles the Erie shrink-wrap for use in its injection modeling process.

Current partners include Bucks Country Conservation District, Delaware County Conservation District, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, Montgomery County Conservation District, Pennsylvania Coastal Resources Management Program, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Sea Grant, and the Philadelphia Water Department.   For more information:

In the Erie region contact Tom Cermak at or in the Philadelphia region contact Ann Faulds at



Tom Cermak
Ann Faulds