NIE 9/23/14 – Something’s fishy

Something is very out of sync in aquatic ecosystems around the world. Evidence can be found in the unusually widespread frequency of fish lesions, excessive mortality and intersex fish. Male fish containing eggs in their testes have been found nationwide, … more

NIE 9/16/14 – Making waves

Most trash collected each year by International Coastal Cleanup volunteers is made of plastic. In a short time, disposable plastics have become the new normal and created a new form of pollution. Billions of disposable and single-use plastic bags, straws, … more

9/9/2014 Plastic Havoc

No place in the world is left untouched by plastic pollution. Researchers are finding plastics everywhere they look, including the ocean, the Great Lakes, on out of-the-way uninhabited islands and even trapped in remote Arctic Sea ice. Just look around … more

Newspapers In Education (NIE)

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