NIE 04/01/2014 – Growing Pains

Natural shorelines with a canopy of native trees and undergrowth are the foundation of a healthy lake ecosystem. Unfortunately there are very few natural shorelines left in the Lake Erie coastal zone. Many of these areas, which drain directly into … more

NIE 03/25/2014 – Down the Drain – Mill Creek

Can we learn from our mistakes or are we doomed to repeat them? Our focus this week, the Mill Creek watershed, is a perfect example. This watershed, named for its main tributary, drains water from portions of Greene, Summit and … more

NIE 03/18/2014 – On the Mend Cascade Creek

This week’s watershed focus is Cascade Creek, a heavily urbanized watershed located in Millcreek Township and the City of Erie. You can no longer follow Cascade Creek, which flows through commercial, industrial and residential areas, to its headwaters, because it … more

Newspapers In Education (NIE)

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