NIE 06/03/2014 – Protecting Lake Erie: A Shared Obligation

The major Pennsylvania Lake Erie subwatersheds, which are named for the streams that empty into the lake, are indicated on this map in different colors. The white areas along the shoreline drain directly into Lake Erie. On the west side … more

NIE 05/27/2014 – Stress Management – 16 and 20 Mile Creeks

¬†For every waterway that is polluted we all suffer the consequences and so does the wildlife. While Lake Erie is a huge body of water, it cannot continue to provide millions of people with water suitable for drinking or for … more

NIE 05/13/2014 Cheaper By the Dozen – 12 Mile Creek

Reducing runoff and keeping pollutants from reaching the waters of Lake Erie is essential for keeping our drinking water safe. Runoff from vineyards, farms, roads and parking lots causes erosion and carries chemicals, nutrients and sediment directly into local streams, … more

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