NIE 02/10/2015 – No Fairy Tale

Faced with a choice of which planet to inhabit, Goldilocks would certainly pick the Earth over Venus, which is too hot, or Mars, which is too cold. Like the story of “Goldilocks  and the Three  Bears,” poor choices have consequences. … more

NIE 02/03/2015 – Air Apparent

The sky is not the limit for students fortunate enough to use it as their classroom. Learning is reaching new heights for area students who have launched weather balloons like the ones sent up daily by the National Oceanic and … more

NIE 01/27/2015 – Weather or not

Do you check weather forecasts and road conditions to decide if you should venture out in winter weather? In our region, storms can turn into blizzards with blinding, wind-driven snow that can last for several days. Knowing when to cancel … more

Newspapers In Education (NIE)

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