NIE 1/20/2015 – Fetch the water – lake-effect snow

How can many feet of snow paralyze one area in 24 hours and just a few miles away, only a few inches cover the ground? Erie and other cities on the southern and eastern shores of the Great Lakes often … more

NIE 1/13/15 – Something’s Fishy

Yellow perch and walleye are great sport fish that make an absolutely delicious meal. Their popularity also has a significant economic impact for Erie County. Therefore, maintaining a vibrant Lake Erie fishery is good for the fish, good for anglers … more

NIE 1/6/15 – What a catch

The steelhead fishery is a huge economic boom for Erie County. From October through April, anglers from around the United States and other countries flock to Pennsylvania’s famous steelhead waters as the fish return from the lake and head back … more

Newspapers In Education (NIE)

PA Sea Grant provides the content and teacher lesson plans for the Erie Times-News Tuesday "Reconnect with your environment" NIE page. Past pages and lesson plans can be found here.