11/18/2014 – Water Foul – Aquascapes

  That beautiful water garden where you spend time may be serene, but did you know it might be harboring invasive plants and animals that could cause irreparable destruction? Many plants and animals sold for water gardens and aquascapes are … more

11/11/2014 – Sink, Then Swim – Aquariums and AIS

Do you know what to do with unwanted aquarium plants and animals? Whatever you do, don’t release them into the wild! Don’t even dump them down the toilet because they may still find their way into a body of water, … more

NIE 10/28/2014 – Look Out Below – Invasive Plants

Boaters, anglers, scuba divers and even swimmers can unintentionally spread invasive species from one waterbody to another when invaders hitch a ride on their equipment. If you engage in any of these activities, you are therefore the first line of … more

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